Site Updates


The following are updates for the GO DC platform. If you experience any bugs, please report to

  • Lease term added to the simple search on each listing page.
  • Search engine indexing improved for individual listing and country pages.
  • Price per sq ft rounding bug and format fixed.
  • Social sharing description bug issue fixed.
  • Added loading bays as a selectable option under amenities.
  • Search form updated on individual listings
  • Value added services added to individual listings
  • Map zoom issue fixed
  • Advertising image bug squashed
  • Search form modified to include additional search fields
  • Search form relocated to front page so that it's easier to find
  • Search form featured on the Get GO Global website
  • Main image for listings are now required
  • Added lease term information to the listing page
  • Updated transport connections information on the listing page
  • Squashed more bugs
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Squashed some bugs
  • Refined advertising listings

Refined the process for listing:

  • Buttons for SPACE AVAILABLE/SPACE NEEDED auto-fill on the free listing form
  • Additional buttons added to make this easier
  • Required information moved to the top of the listing, with optional information at the bottom of the form. Note that optional information is useful to those browsing the site to better find what they are seeking.